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Educational Projects

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Frederick County Landmarks Foundation
Schifferstadt Architectural Museum
Eastern Woodland Cultures of Maryland Traveling Trunk


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Schifferstadt Architectural Museum

Schifferstadt’s interesting history, architectural features and heritage garden offer a rare venue for educational events and experiences for school children, historians, architects, and others interested in learning more about the history of the area from the time of the French and Indian War to the present.

Eastern Woodland Cultures of Maryland Traveling Trunk

travel trunk

Touch hand-made “jewelry,” household goods, tools, foods and games just like children hundreds of years ago. Learn about lifeways, transportation, trade, foodways, adornment, using primary resources, oral histories and traditions and games.

Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, a program of the Maryland Historical Trust and the Maryland Department of Planning developed the Eastern Woodland Indian Cultures of Maryland trunk. It is available to Frederick County area schools and educational entities, through the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc.

Teachers receive 16 lesson plans for 9 units based on Maryland’s Voluntary State Curriculum. For more details email info@fredericklandmarks.org