Beatty-Cramer House
Educational Opportunities

The Beatty-Cramer House is one of the most architecturally unique, and oldest known, standing buildings in Frederick County, Maryland. The rarity of the interesting architectural features of the buildings and the interpretive presentation at the Beatty-Cramer House site provide the venue for a multitude of educational events and experiences: for school children, for historians, for architects, for people interested in learning the restoration trades and for the general public.

interior Beatty-Cramer

The Beatty-Cramer House site is home to three historic structures. The primary building is a combination of the c.1732 Beatty portion of the house, the c.1855 Cramer addition, and later renovations. The two outbuildings are an 18th century spring house and a 19th century smoke house. Special tours, lectures and demonstrations are announced as scheduled and the public is invited to tour the site to learn more about these historic buildings.

living history campsite

The site has been the host to a variety of educational programs: The Beatty-Cramer House Committee previously sponsored a hands-on white-washing demonstration that will be repeated soon. In 2005, the Committee, in conjunction with a National Park Service Architectural Historian, offered a summer program to teach the documentation of old houses, based on the Historical American Building Survey (HABS) standards.

Whitewash spring house

For more information about tours, school programs, and other educational program requests, call the Director at 301-668-2086.